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1.  What is the purpose of the Unified Arizona Veterans?

The purpose of the UAV is to actively propose, support and endorse legislative, administrative or other actions which further the general welfare and well-being of all Arizona veterans.  We are dedicated to initiating and supporting activities and objectives which stimulate our love of country and our flag.  Among these activities, the UAV provides management and support of the Arizona Veterans Hall of Fame (AVHOF) and sponsors the Annual Copper Shield Award which honors a State of Arizona legislator for his/her service to community.  The UAV is committed to defend the honor and integrity of our Nation, the Constitution of the United States of America, the American Flag, and the State of Arizona.  UAV provides a key conduit of information to all member organizations through our monthly meetings and our close working relationship with the Arizona Department of Veterans’ Services.

2.  When and where are UAV meetings held?

UAV meetings are normally held on the first Saturdays of the month from September through June, 10 a.m. to Noon, at the State Veteran Home, 4141 N. Silvestre Herrera Way, Phoenix 85012 (former 4141 N. Third St, cross street:  E. Indian School Road).  In case of a Federal holiday during the 1st weekend of the month, please confirm with the Secretary :

602-799-9480 (Cell)
UAV meetings are open to veterans and the public.

3.  How does a veterans organization or a veterans-related  organization become a member of the UAV?  Is  there a membership fee?

Veterans organizations and veterans-related organization are encouraged to visit at least one UAV meeting.  See the Membership Renewal section for the UAV Membership Form.  Please fill out the Membership form and mail it to:

Unified Arizona Veterans (UAV)
P.O. Box 34338
Phoenix, AZ 85067

At the same time, please phone the Arizona Dept of Veterans’ Services,  at 602-255- 3373 to make an appointment with Deputy Director Mike Klier to register your veterans organization or veterans-related organization.

The UAV membership fee is $25.00 per calendar year.  Please do not mail your $25 check with your request to join the UAV.  The membership fee will be coordinated after membership has been approved by the UAV membership.