Chair Rob Welch 480-292-5822
Vice Chair Reggie Yates 602-373-0703
Secretary Carol Culbertson 602-943-7834
Treasurer Bob Hysko 602-569-7866
Director  (Communications) Gene Crego 928-600-0561
Director Phil Hanson 623-977-2589
Director Terry Araman 602-525-4456
Past Chair Bob Madden 602-999-5992


Robert E. “Rob” Welch2013-10 Rob Welch 1

Army Veteran – Chairman

Born in Konawa, Oklahoma in 1941.  Enlisted in the Army in 1959, serving 3 years as a Military Policeman in the United States and in France during the Berlin Crisis of 1961-62.  Served in the Active Reserve and the Connecticut National Guard after receiving a direct commission to 1st Lieutenant.  Retired as a Colonel in 2001 with 33 1/2 years military service.  As a civilian, served 30 years with the Connecticut State Police, retiring as a Captain in 1996.

Rob has spent countless hours serving as a volunteer in numerous veteran and civic organizations, raising money for charity causes and assuming leadership rolls in the UAV, AUSA, ALEES, MIPF, MOAA, PPB and the 100 Club, serving these organizations as Chairman, President, Vice President, Director, Event Chair, Scholarship Fund Chair, and Webmaster.  In addition, he is a life member of the AAHF, AUSA, CSPAAA, DAV, MOAA, MOWW, and The American Legion.  Rob is also an avid support of the Arizona (Maricopa) StandDown, the MFRF, the VHP and MOWW’s YLC.  He is a 13 1/2 Gallon Blood Donor for the ARC.

Carol CulbertsonCarol Culbertson

Navy Veteran – Secretary

Born Honolulu, Hawaii in 1943.  Enlisted in Navy Reserve at Pearl Harbor in 1962.  Commissioned Ensign in 1967.  Active duty in San Diego supporting antisubmarine warfare training.  Retired as Navy Captain, Reserve Intelligence, in 2003, 36 years of service.  Civil Service employee for 33 years with US Navy in Japan, US Army in Kansas, Forest Service and Internal Revenue Service in California, Arizona, Colorado.

She provides business training programs to working women, and educational history programs open to the public.  Leader in Federally Employed Women, Retired Federal Employees, Naval Reserve Association, Cactus WAVES, Naval Order of the U.S.  Active in Big Brothers Big Sisters and Cross Roads Methodist Church.  As Big Sister, has mentored three young women.  As Church Team Leader, serves meals to the homeless in Phoenix.

Bob MaddenRobert B. Madden

Army Veteran – Immediate Past Chairman

Born in Norfolk, Virginia in 1944. As a 1st Lieutenant, U.S. Army, with the 173rd Airborne Infantry, Robert served as a platoon leader and Battalion S-5 Officer in Vietnam. He is also a former State Representative and State Senator in the Kansas Legislature, where he accomplished major penal reform legislation in Kansas. Civilian investment banker and owner of an Arizona Mortgage and Real Estate Company until retirement in 2008.

He is an active supporter and participant in the Joe Foss Institute and the Boy Scouts of America. As a member of the Northwest Valley Veterans Association, he teaches flag etiquette, flag honors, and flag retirement; including a Scout Learning Event for 350 Scouts, their parents, veterans, and business people. As a member and Commander of the Sun City West Veterans of Foreign Wars 10695, he gathered and delivered presents to all patients in the VA Hospitals in Phoenix and Prescott for the past 5 years. He was a 2010 participant in the Arizona Heritage Project.