Veteran Service Organizations Comprising UAV

//Veteran Service Organizations Comprising UAV
Veteran Service Organizations Comprising UAV 2017-10-08T20:44:18+00:00

Any veterans’ service organization (VSO), and its auxiliary is eligible for membership in UAV.  Each organization is responsible for appointing a representative and an alternate to share and gather information at the monthly meetings for the benefit of their membership.  UAV membership as of the 15th of September 2017 includes the following organizations:

  1. 3rd Marine Division Assn 
  2. 173rd Airborne Brigade Assn
  3. Air Force Association
  4. Air Force Sergeants Assn
  5. American Legion (TAL)
  6. American Legion Auxiliary
  7. American Legion 20 & 4
  8. Arizona Art Alliance Outreach 
  9. ASU Alumni, Veterans Chapter
  10. Arizona Veterans Hall of Fame Society (AVHOFS)
  11. Arizona Veterans StandDown Alliance
  12. Associates of Vietnam Veterans of America
  13. Association of the United States Army (AUSA)
  14. Association of the United States Navy (AUSN)
  15. Blinded Veterans Association
  16. City of Phoenix Military Veterans Foundation
  17. Creative Drill Sergeants
  18. Disabled American Veterans (DAV)
  19. Disabled American Veterans Auxiliary
  20. Fleet Reserve Association
  21. Forty & Eight
  22. Gold Star Wives of America
  23. Horse Rhythm Foundation
  24. In-Country Vietnam Veterans Assn
  25. Jerry Ambrose Veterans Council
  26. J. C. Butler AZ Chap DE Sailors
  27. Jewish War Veterans of U.S.A.
  28. Joe Foss Institute
  29. Korean War Veterans Association
  30. MANA House
  31. Marine Corps League
  32. Military Officers Assn of America (MOAA)
  33. Military Order of the Purple Heart (MOPH)
  34. Military Order of the World Wars (MOWW)
  35. Military Women Across America, Sonoran Desert Chapter
  36. Northwest Valley Veterans Assn
  37. Operation Freedom Bird
  38. Phoenix Wing, American Aviation Heritage Society (AAHS)
  39. Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing
  40. Project Veterans’ Pride/James Walton Home
  41. Reserve Officers Assn (ROA)
  42. Scottish-American Military Society (SAMS)
  43. Southwest Veterans Chamber of Commerce
  44. The Retired Enlisted Association
  45. The Ripple Effect
  46. Trilogy Veterans Club
  47. United For Change Veterans Furniture Center
  48. U. S. Sub Veterans, Perch Base
  49. U. S. Veterans Initiative
  50. Veterans Court Mentor Project
  51. Veterans First, Ltd.
  52. Veterans Heritage Project
  53. Veterans Medical Leadership Council (VMLC)
  54. Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW)
  55. Vietnam Veterans of America (VVA)
  56. Women Marines Association
  57. Women’s Army Corps Veterans’ Assn-Army Women United (WACVA-AWU)