Requests to join UAV are limited to veterans organizations & veterans-affiliated organizations located in Arizona.

To join UAV we will need the following information:

  1. Name of the local Organization which is located in Arizona, and its Mission, Purpose, and/or Goals, and its mailing address. Is the local organization a part of a state or national organization?
  2. Brief history of the local organization, and a brief history of the national organization if there is one.
  3. Current leaders of the organization (names and position titles), and please include contact information only for the President or Chairman of the Board (mailing address, telephone number(s), and email address)
  4. Who will be serving as your organization’s Primary Representative to the UAV? the Alternate Representative? Please provide Names, telephone numbers, and email addresses.

You may download the form from the link below:
Request to Join UAV

If there are questions, please contact our UAV Secretary at:
602-799-9480 (Cell)

To submit this Request, send via U.S. Mail to:
Unified Arizona Veterans
P.O. Box 34338
Phoenix, AZ 85067

Please do not submit a dues check until after the Request to Join UAV is approved by the UAV membership. Upon joining, annual dues are $25.00 payable to “Unified Arizona Veterans.”

Thereafter, renewal dues are due on January 1st. (After March 1st, dues are deemed late.)