Nominations for the Copper Shield Award must be postmarked by the 30th of September.


SUBJECT:  The Unified Arizona Veterans (UAV) Recognition Program:  Copper Shield Award.

PURPOSE: In 2009, the UAV created the Copper Shield Award to recognize and honor the efforts and achievements made by Arizona Legislators who have supported, sponsored or co-sponsored legislation in the State of Arizona to ensure the sacrifices and service to our state and nation by our military members and/or their families is acknowledged and honored.

SUMMARY:  The UAV may present this award to a single current or past member of the Arizona State Legislature at the annual Patriotic Gala hosted by the Arizona Veterans Hall of Fame Society (AVHOFS).  The UAV recognizes and honors the AVHOFS as a partner in all endeavors that complement and serve our Arizona military veteran communities and veterans’ service organizations.

DESCRIPTION:  The Copper Shield Award consists of a significantly sized copper shield displaying the UAV emblem suitably exhibited and accompanied by an engraved inscription.  The award embodies the concept that the bearer of the shield offers protection from harm and safeguards those who are not positioned to defend themselves.

SUBMISSION ADDRESS AND DATE:  Nominations may be submitted at any time and will be considered during the next convening of the Awards Committee.  Submit Nomination Packet to:

Unified Arizona Veterans
P. O. Box 34338
Phoenix, AZ  85067 


ELIGIBILITY:  The nominee must be or have served as a State Senator or Representative of Arizona.

CRITERIA: The following criteria is established as requisites to the nomination package.

    • Evaluation Scope:  Evaluations will focus upon the scope and impact of a nominee’s achievements and the extent to which his/her efforts benefit and provide inspiration to other veterans.
    •  Nomination Format:  For the submission process to uniformly portray the efforts and contributions of those nominated, the submission packet is required in the following format:
      • Validation:  Nominators are required to ensure accuracy of the information submitted, and will confirm validation of data by their signature.
      • Legislative Activity Summary:  Provide a chronology of actions or bills supported and their current status.
      • Legislator’s Advocacy Contributions:  Summarize the contributions and recognition of the nominee in relation to veterans’ advocacy or veterans’ support programs or initiatives. (Examples may include the nominee’s active involvement with veterans’ organizations.)
      • Civic Activities and Contributions:  Summarize the nominee’s civic affiliations and contributions (e.g. Rotary, Kiwanis, schools, political, fraternal, etc.)
      • Letters of Recommendation:  Letters should be from people not immediately related to the nominee.

AWARDS COMMITTEE:   Nominations for the Copper Shield and the Bucky O’Neill award will be reviewed by a single committee of veterans selected from Arizona’s recognized veterans’ service organizations and appointed by the Chairperson of the UAV.  At least one of the members of this committee shall be a member of the UAV Legislative Committee.  The committee will be chaired by a serving member of the UAV Board of Directors or past chairperson of the UAV.

APPROVAL AUTHORITY:  The final approval for this award is the UAV Board of Directors.

QUESTIONS:  Questions regarding this operating instruction may be addressed to or