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  • AVHOF Nomination Submission Period is now closed for the Class of 2020.
  • The AVHOF Screening Panel evaluated 56 nomination submissions and asked 13 Nominators to resubmit their nominations with corrections for next year’s class.
  • The AVHOF Selection Panel completed its evaluations of the 43 nominations for this year’s class via a Zoom conference on the 19th of June, recommending 24 outstanding veterans as Selectees.   The UAV Board of Directors certified the list of Selectees and initiated background investigations on the 26th of June.  
  • Upon the successful completion of the background, the Selectees will be forwarded to the Governor for approval.  If approved by the Governor, the Selectees become Inductees.  This normally happens sometime in August.
  • The UAV Chair will then telephone the Nominators of the now Inductees and ask them to notify the Inductee of their selection for this year’s class.  Letters to the Nominators of the non-selectees are mailed at this time, asking that they update their nominations and resubmit them for consideration for next year’s class.
  • Due to the continuing and ever changing guidance on restrictions regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, UAV’s Board of Directors conducted a Zoom conference during which the following basic plan for induction of this year’s AVHOF Class was developed. 
  • The official date of the induction will be on Friday, the 23rd of October, but the inductees will receive their honors at different locations during the last two weeks in October. 
  • The state will be divided into three areas, a Northern area, a Southern area, and a Great Phoenix area which will be subdivided into three smaller areas.  A small official party will travel to these areas to make the presentations.  Individual Groups of three to six Inductees in these areas will be honored at 15 minute intervals, keeping within COVID-19 guidelines, including the wearing of masks whenever photographs are not being taken.   
  • The Inductee will be allowed to have one person accompany them at the presentation.
  • Inductees will receive a presentation box containing all items normally given to an Inductee at a normal Induction Ceremony.

Welcome to the Unified Arizona Veteran’s (UAV) website.  The UAV was founded by the American Legion, the Disabled American Veterans, and the Veterans of Foreign Wars in December 1981 as a consortium of Veteran Service Organizations (VSOs) supporting veterans and their families residing in the state of Arizona.  Since then, the UAV has grown to a half hundred member organizations representing the half million (+) veterans who call Arizona home.
We support our fellow veterans and their families by acting as one united and powerful voice, advocating for veteran related issues to both the Executive and Legislative branches of the State of Arizona.  Just as importantly, we act as a two-way conduit for veteran related information affecting our individual VSO member organizations.
In 2001, we founded the Arizona Veterans Hall of Fame (AVHOF), the second veterans hall of fame in the United States.  We annually select outstanding state veterans who have made significant personal contributions to their community, state, or nation.  These clearly exceptional veterans are then submitted for the Governor’s approval for induction into the Hall of Fame which is normally held in late October each year.
In 2016, we established our Scholarship program to provide assistance to veterans enrolled in an on-campus program leading toward a Bachelors or Masters degree.  In 2020, we extended our program to include the immediate family member of veterans killed in action or by an act of terror.  We hope to include the immediate family members of 100% service-connected disabled veterans in 2021.
The UAV also supports various veteran related events and celebrations throughout the year.  The UAV, in concert with the Arizona Department of Veterans Services, conducts the annual Pearl Harbor Remembrance Service held at Wesley Bolin Plaza on December the 7th.  In August 2015, the UAV, the Republic of China (Taiwan) Veterans Association of Phoenix, and the American Legion Judge Thomas Tang Post 50, co-hosted the World War Two VJ Day 2015 celebrating 70 years of peace.  We honored 53 living WW-II veterans for their service.  The 53 included 11 Chinese-American veterans, two U. S. Marine Navajo Code Talkers, two Tuskegee Airmen, and 38 other U. S. military service men and women.  In addition, the UAV co-hosted the U. S. Global Leadership Coalition’s “Forum on Global Leadership: What’s at Stake for Arizona?