To nominate someone to the Arizona Veterans Hall of Fame, (AVHOF), please click on AVHOF Criteria & Nomination Form to download a nomination form, criteria for induction, and criteria instructions on how to complete the nomination form and packet in the required standardized format and content.  

>>>>>>>>>>>> PLEASE DO NOT EMAIL NOMINATIONS<<<<<<<<<<<<

NOTICE:  Failure to comply with the included criteria instructions will result in a rejected nomination packet.  In order to evaluate each nomination packet fairly, all narratives must conform to the same published standard.  Nomination packets containing older forms, or narratives using the old criteria and guideline layouts, will be returned to the nominator.

Please email all digital photos, biographies and other materials to >>>>>>>  AVHOF-NOMINATIONS@AZUAV.ORG   <<<<<<<< Please send all materials in a NEW EMAIL,  (Don’t use “Reply or Reply-All,”) and please include ALL of the following information in the subject line of the email: 

1: The full/legal NAME of the person being nominated, the “Nominee.”

2: The Name of the Nominator/sender of material.

3: A description of any attached materials/photos.

EXAMPLE:   “AVHOF Nominee John L. Smith, sent by Paul A. Smith, Nominator, Service and Post-Service Photos.”

If you are sending more material, such as additional Nominee photographs or a revised Nominee biography, please don’t use “Reply or Reply-All.”  Please send these items in a NEW EMAIL, and put in the email subject line the name of Nominee and Nominator, along with words such as “ADDITIONAL PHOTOGRAPHS,”  “REVISED BIOGRAPHY,” or “ADDITIONAL MATERIAL.”  Thank you.