PURPOSE:  In 2016, the UAV created  it’s program to award higher learning scholarships to needy veterans.  Since then, we have expanded our program by adding two subprograms targeting Native American veterans and immediate family members of 100% disabled and killed in action (KIA) veterans.  We named the latter subprogram the Specialist Lori Ann Piestewa Scholarship in honor of the first Native American Female killed in action on foreign soil.  The first two recipients of this scholarship were her two children, Brandon Whiterock (attending NAU) and Carla Piestewa (attending GCU).

ELIGIBILITY: The scholarship applicant must be a permanent Arizona resident and either be on active duty, an honorably discharged veteran, a service member in good standing with a Reserve or Guard component, or an immediate family member of an Arizona veteran either 100% disabled or killed in action or by an act of terror.

SCHOLARSHIP LINK:  Click on Scholarship Application

CRITERIA: The scholarship applicant must:

2.1. Submit proof of permanent residency in Arizona, e.g., AZ Driver’s License, Voter Registration card, etc.

2.2. Must be participating in a program leading to a Baccalaureate or Post Graduate Degree and physically attending an institution of higher learning within the State of Arizona.

2.3. The institution must be eligible to receive GI Bill funds through the Department of Veterans Affairs.

2.4. Applicants must submit the income/expense disclosure form.

2.4.1. Appendix 3: Veterans Financial Needs Assessment.

2.5. Applicant’s packet must be accompanied by a letter of recommendation from one of your school instructors or counselors along with a copy of your college transcripts.

2.6. Applicant will submit a one-page (typed, double-spaced) essay stating why they chose their current academic program and how they plan to use their degree, certificate, or license.

2.7. Applicant will submit at least one of the following:

2.7.1. Active duty, reserve or guard applicants must submit a letter (on official letterhead) verifying that they are serving in good standing, and that at least three years of creditable service have been completed.

2.7.2. Separated military applicants must have received an “Honorable” discharge from service.

2.7.3.  If applicant is a spouse, son, or daughter of a 100% disabled or KIA veteran, submit proof of relationship by a copy of your birth (or marriage) certificate and documentation that your parent (or spouse) is 100% disabled by the VA or was killed in action or by an act of terror.

2.8. A portrait style color photograph suitable for publication in event program.

2.9. Application packets must be received NLT 75 days prior to the scheduled date of the annual Patriotic Awards Event (see www.azuav.org/coming-events).

2.10. Applicants selected to receive scholarships must attend the annual Patriotic Awards Event.  The event schedule can be found at www.avhof.org.

2.11. Application packet will consist of the signed application, copy of applicant’s DD-214 or NGB-22 (SSN will not be retained by the UAV), completed financial needs assessment form, applicant’s personal essay, letter of recommendation, and proof of enrollment and Arizona residency; if family member, proof of veteran relationship and veteran VA 100% disability or DD Form 1300 / SF1300.

2.12. Application packets must be sent to:

  • UAV Scholarship Committee
  • P. O. Box 34338
  • Phoenix, AZ 85067

Questions:  scholarships@azuav.org