NOTICE FOR NOMINEES:  (Updated 12 Sep) If you are a Nominee for induction into the 2020 Class, please keep your schedule free for the month of November except for the Thanksgiving holiday long weekend.  The dates for the individual group inductions have not been set.  Please see the information under the heading “Concept of Induction Ceremony” below.  


  • (Updated 12 Sep):  Upon completion of the Background checks, 23 Nomination packets were submitted to the Governor’s Office through the ADVS Director.  If approved by the Governor, the Selectees become InducteesThis normally happens sometime in August, but obviously cannot be expected now until late September or October.  The UAV Chair will then telephone the Nominators of the now Inductees and ask them to notify the Inductee of their selection for this year’s class.  Letters to the Nominators of the non-selectees are mailed at this time, asking that they update their nominations and resubmit them for consideration for next year’s class.
  • 19 Jun:  The AVHOF Selection Panel completed its evaluations of the 43 nominations for this year’s class via a Zoom conference, recommending 24 outstanding veterans as Selectees.   The UAV Board of Directors certified the list of Selectees and initiated background investigations on the 26th of June.
  • 18 May:  The AVHOF Screening Panel completed their evaluation of 56 nomination submissions and asked 13 Nominators to resubmit their nominations with corrections for next year’s class.
  • 30 Apr:  AVHOF Nomination Submission Period closed for the Class of 2020.  Nominators of 17 non-compliant Nomination packets were given 18 days to bring their packets into compliance with AVHOF Criteria/Guidelines.
  • 31 Mar:  The AVHOF Nomination Submission Period was extended due to the constrains imposed by COVID-19 Pandemic guidelines.


  • Due to the continuing and ever-changing guidance on restrictions regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, UAV’s Board of Directors developed the following outline for the induction of this year’s AVHOF Class.
  • (Updated 12 Sep) The official date of the induction will be on Friday, the 23rd of October, but the inductees will receive their honors at different locations sometime in November or December.
  • (Updated 12 Sep) The state will be divided into three presentation locations, Northern (Flagstaff), Southern (Tucson), and a Greater Phoenix Metropolitan area which will be subdivided into three presentation events spread over a two or three day period at the State HQ of the Arizona Department of Veterans’ Services (ADVS).  A small official party consisting of 7 persons, including a photographer, will travel to these locations to make the presentations.
  • Individual groups of two to six Inductees will be honored at 15 minute intervals, keeping within COVID-19 guidelines in place at that time, including the wearing of masks whenever photographs are not being taken.
  • The Inductee will be allowed to have one person accompany them at the presentation.
  • Inductees will receive a presentation box containing all items normally given to an Inductee at a normal Induction Ceremony.


  • For updated information, please check back to this webpage.
  • After checking, if you still have a question, contact AVHOF Induction Ceremony Committee Co-Chairs Rob Welch and Reggie Yates at